What people are saying about Natasha

Fenella Watkins

“I have been having singing lessons with Miss Dobie for 3 ½ years and am currently working towards my Grade 6. I love my lessons and have learnt so much over these past few years.

I aim to take my exam later this year and hope to gain another distinction; without Miss Dobie I wouldn’t have reached this standard.

I am also going to audition for one of the Junior Academies at a London Conservatoire next year, and with Miss Dobie’s tuition and support, hope to be successful.”

Poppy Andrews

"Over the past 6 months that Natasha has been teaching me I have seen huge improvements in my voice. I have learnt a great deal about the technicalities of singing and find I know how to place a song and how to go about learning it much quicker and easier.

I feel a lot of aspects of my voice have got stronger, such as breathing, tone and line and feel much confident with my singing.

Natasha's passion for singing and teaching means that when I start learning a difficult new song, it no longer worries me, it's an enjoyable challenge! Looking forward to the rest of my training, Thank you Tash"

Brodi McBride

“Natasha is a very supportive singing teacher, who really focuses on both your personal strengths and weaknesses in your lessons, and in such an encouraging way brings things out of you that you couldn't even dream of doing, both with your voice and a person.”

Mollie Melia Redgrave

"I have been lucky enough to be a student of Natasha's for the past two years. I feel that she has dramatically improved my voice and the detail in how she teaches has taught me so much in how to look after my instrument!

Most notably Natasha was an inspiration to me throughout Rehearsals for Evita. Her time and effort to help me secure the tough songs of Eva Peron was incredible and I will be eternally grateful.

Her strong focus on the technique of the voice combined with performance Creates the most professional balance.

It amazes me how intently she listens to your voice and the work she does to develop, extend and nurture a singers voice. She is a kind, beautiful lady who really puts her heart and soul into her lessons."

Molly Coyle

I have learned much more working with Miss Dobie than any other music teacher that I have had. The different techniques that she has taught me about my breathing, and being able to work in and recognize middle, chest and head voices.

Last summer I scored 100% in my Musical Theatre exam and wouldn't have been able to do this without her help.

Dominic Griffin

I feel very privileged to be part of the original "Team Tash" at Arts Ed. You would not believe how much my voice has changed and progressed over the past three years thanks to Natasha. The things I am capable of now are things I could barely dream of three years ago.

Although it was a real challenge at times, I really trusted Tash and she's helped me accomplish some great things with my voice that I'm incredibly proud of. Team Tash all the way!